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Why going paperless can make you more money – and save some too

The environment and saving costs when moving a business to a paperless office are the two most popular benefits. While these two are important, there ...

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Tom Wujec: Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast

Business Process Management may sound straightforward but very often even the most simple and even instinctive tasks can be complex when analysed. Ast...

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CRM: One size does not fit all

Many companies implement CRM systems successfully, but that doesn’t mean those systems are identical. Just as your business is unique, so should be yo...

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Your CRM Solution Should be Flexible Enough to Grow With Your Company—and Frankly, Help You Get There Faster

Many companies still look at CRM simply as a point solution to address specific needs in marketing and sales automation or customer support. But, in r...

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Extensive planning is key to successful ERP implementation

Technology is in a state of constant flux, making it important for companies not to spend vast amounts of money on systems and programs that may quick...

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