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Drive digital transformation

The goal of digital business transformation isn’t just to digitize existing processes for great operational efficiency, but to help the organiza...

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Expense Claims Management

Expense Claims Management Employees claim for a range of expenses including flights, travel, and accommodation, or physical expenses such as gantry fe...

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Banking & Financial

How to lose a customer in 10 days

I’m pretty sure some businesses are using the plot from the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, as the inspiration for forging customer relations.

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BPM vs Workflow

Workflow/Business Process Management (BPM) Service Pattern (Photo credit: Wikipedia) BPM vs Workflow:   One could argue that an advantage that ER...

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Procurement and Supply Chain Breakfast

    Join Astraia for an informative breakfast on Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Introduction to Pro-G – the complete Procur...

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