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Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting for Sage ERP X3 Gets an Overhaul!

News & Blog

A new version of Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting for Sage ERP X3 has been released to meet mid-market customers’ complex and unique financial reporting needs. It boasts an intuitive user interface to supplement a powerful generation engine utilizing the latest In-Memory technology. Improved performance and usability will help you score big with your customers!

10 Major League Features to Look Forward to in Our Latest Release:


  • Powerful new In-Memory technology provides a vast improvement in performance
  • Two methods for creating your financial reports depending on your Excel skills and company requirements
  • Improved Layout Generator with wizard to fast track financial layouts
  • New Task Pane giving you a 100% Excel experience – allowing for greater flexibility and control over your layouts
  • Supports multiple fiscal years as well as multiple charts of account, ledgers, companies and sites making scalable reporting accurate, faster and easier than before
  • Simple right-click drill down
  • the use of account ranges, account wildcards and account exclusions gives you complete control over detail in accounts
  • Integrated multi-currency support
  • Advanced dimensional filtering for real-time analysis of your data
  • Automated report distribution
  • Reporting beyond your financials
  • Compatible with latest Microsoft® Excel® technology

For a detailed description of each of the features, take a look at the What’s New document and watch the demo video for an overview of what to expect.

To get the ball rolling with Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting for Sage ERP X3, visit the webpage now!