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Why use Sage 300 ERP in Mining?

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Why should you consider Sage 300 ERP for the Mining Industry?


The Mining industry is a huge industry and despite recent events and the current circumstances in South Africa mining is still, and will remain an important part of the economy. The Mining Industry requires considerable levels of manpower and machinery and the industry has its own unique challenges to face. Because of this mines need the perfect platform to manage and grow the in terms of operation and location geographically.

To manage and improvement the business, operations and production in mining industry, the perfect ERP for Mining Industry is required, an ERP that can effectively manage every department and cost centre of the industry that includes and goes beyond finance, warehouse, distribution and operations.

Sage 300 is a concrete ERP for the mining industry that can easily manage the large and often complex production process, the quality control process with multiple workflows, detailed inventory, sales, purchases and provide detailed reporting data other financial information that is essential for optimal performance.

Sage 300 is a robust, stable and secure system that will merge the various departments together whilst retaining autonomy of each allowing for secure data storage in this challenging industry.

With the Mining industry, each division such as warehousing and production has their own standards and methods of measurement and often complex processes for the various the products produced, purchased or stored making it necessary for numerous workflows that can steer production to the next level after Quality assurance stages, with workflows and with the expert Business Process Management skills that Astraia Technology provides Sage 300 works with and for the mining operation exactly as required.  Sage 300 complies with the many safety, legal, government and other standards ensuring business compliance throughout the business.

Sage 300 Provides a complete ERP solution from investigation to development and development to production for the mining sector.

Sage 300 provides total visibility on production tracking and planning providing in depth reporting for management control

Here are some of the benefits of using Sage 300 in the mining industry.

  1. Sage 300 provides a cost effective ERP software solution.
  2. Sage 300 is a reliable, robust and proven solution, able to handle multiple companies divisions and departments.
  3. Sage Business intelligence and Financial reporting tools allow you to create different MIS reports and financial data reports.
  4. Sage 300 is a comprehensive multi-currency transaction and reporting solution.
  5. Sage 300 provides real time view of your entire operation.
  6. Sage 300 delivers complete financial data that includes budgeting and forecasting
  7. Sage 300 and Astraia Technology complement each other to provide the ideal Mining Solution

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