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Add-In to Microsoft Excel for Sage300

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Add-In to Microsoft Excel for Sage300

We have developed an Add-In to Microsoft Excel that links directly to the Sage300 database in order to pull account balances and movements directly into any Excel cell.
This provides for an extremely powerful and simple method to produce monthly management accounts and meet any financial reporting requirement.
There is no additional setups or configuration required for Sage300.

Typical usage:

  • Monthly management reporting pack
  • Periodic reports from General Ledger or Project & Job Costing modules on balances or movements
  • Monthly reporting to project stakeholders
  • Budgets and variance reports
  • Compiling budgets from different departments.
  • Consolidation reports
  • Quantity balances and movements if quantities are used in the GL.

The following are examples of parameters that can be used to analyse data:

  • Account number
  • Segments of accounts used for departments
  • Account groups
  • Optional Fields
  • Different companies (can be different databases)
  • Various combinations of companies, accounts, segments and optional fields.
  • Completely customizable based on customer needs and configuration.


No license restrictions for number of users. Install the Add-in for any employee that needs access to the data. There are no separate developer and viewer licenses.

Additional functionality:

  • Drill-down to the underlying data.
  • Email the spreadsheet without the custom formulas used by the add-in.
  • All the standard Excel functionality and functions can be used in conjunction with the custom formulas.

For more information, please contact us: +27 21 065 0360 or