manufacturing planning

Provides you with transparency at a glance. See all tasks and opportunities with a comprehensive detailed, drill down capable dashboard.

manufacturing lifecycle
Sales Cycle

Keep track of your prospects, opportunities from lead to closure, making sure all sales staff have all the tools for a successful sales cycle.

professional services reports

Have access to pre-configured and unique real time reports. Drill down function allows insight right down to the source document.

  • Use Acumatica’s CRM to track customer histories from first contact to final delivery and more, including quotes, sales history, problem issues, delivery, and service.
  • Calculate the cost of customer interactions through Acumatica’s ERP functions.
  • Identify problem areas in the sales cycles where prospects abandon the sale.

Leverage Acumatica’s integrated ERP and CRM functions to provide flexible pricing, contact management, real-time availability of product inventory, and credit checks at order time.

  • Use Acumatica’s integrated CRM and ERP to track all marketing activities and costs.
  • Link qualified leads to sales and determine the true cost per lead.
  • Leverage business intelligence to determine optimal marketing campaigns, high value prospects, and fast moving items.
  • Leverage Acumatica’s collaboration tools to record templates that sales staff can easily access and modify – even remotely.
  • Integrate costs associated with deliverables automatically, including margins, commissions, and discounts.
  • Keep productivity high by offering staff online access to up-to-date information from anywhere using any device at any time. All screens display the same content and automatically resize to fit any device.
  • Build your own custom mobile apps to extend Acumatica’s functionality.

Manage complex customer and vendor pricing and discount policies. Set up quantity and volume discounts as a percent or an amount. Specify multiple discount rules and sequences or allow the system to automatically apply the best discount combination. Maintain discounts in single and multiple currencies. Establish rules and policies for price overrides

Place large orders for best pricing and have goods shipped in smaller increments to match production times. You can control delivery using unlimited shipping dates and backorder options too

sales orders
  • Manage sales order flows using predefined processes or by configuring a process to match your current workflow
  • Specify different order processes for each customer or order.
  • Prospect to opportunity conversion
  • % opportunities closed
  • Average % discounting
  • Revenue/salesperson
  • Profitability/salesperson
  • Revenue/region
  • Profitability/region
  • Fastest moving items
  • Marketing campaign results (# of leads)

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