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Planning to get from Monday to Friday

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mon friHow does your business get from Monday to Friday?

It is a very simple question, you get into your office or factory on Monday and need to manufacture or provide X number of Y by Friday, go home for a weekend then do it all over again.

In today’s fast moving world with ever-changing demands from customers and suppliers and with so many events that could change and alter how a product or service could be, should be, must be and eventually will be delivered or not one needs to have one’s finger more than on the pulse. Today a successful business of any size needs the right tools and the right people as well as the right processes. If you have just one of these 3 elements missing your journey from Monday to Friday could be challenging or it might come to and on Wednesday.

Systems, people and processes are things that are sadly taken for granted but each element hinges on the other and each must be reviewed regularly.  When did you last review each element?

When it comes to people most companies will be able to say that they have reviewed their people recently and have done so regularly. But has a review really been done and have action steps such as training been implemented?

In so many companies the review process is about deciding on whether a 5% or 10% pay increase is to be offered and whether or not the employee is happy.  It should be much more than this as employees are a valuable asset, understanding employees and the skills they have and the real importance they play in your business is vital. Asking questions such as “When did users of your ERP system last have some refresher training?”  and the same for those using CRM must be done.  When staff are trained and updated on the systems they use they bring valuable knowledge into the workplace that adds value to the business, often this is forgotten or overlooked in favour of saving some money.  Well trained employees that are aware of how to optimise the systems they use make getting from Monday to Friday each week more of a certainty and make it more profitable

When it comes to systems a regular review is always important. Don’t just accept an upgrade because it keeps you current but take the time to ask about the upgrade and find out how and where the upgrade can help your business. There are countless apps and add on solutions that can benefit your business and where there isn’t an app or add on the better solution partners such as Astraia Technology can develop what you need.  Taking the time and the trouble to keep ahead and up to date with your systems is one thing but taking time to understand your systems with a partner such as Astraia Technology is another altogether. A review of your systems can make your journey from Monday to Friday much easier.

Processes need not be cast in stone but they should at least be controlled and managed. A regular review of processes and how best to map them, implement them and manage them is something all successful companies understand and appreciate the value of.  Your processes are often what defines your business, in many cases these processes have evolved over time and to ensure continued success they need to continue to evolve taking into consideration legislation, compliance, technology and changing economic or even political landscapes. With your processes mapped and managed in suitable systems Business Process Management becomes something that releases tremendous benefits into your business releasing the real potential and value of each process to is maximum. With technology, the processes are managed and reported on so they are not only controlled but can evolve based on the information made available,  this means your Monday to Friday can be more efficient in turn meaning what was once your Friday now comes on Wednesday and extra profits can be made on Thursday and Friday.

Don’t just accept that this week will be a normal Monday to Friday, take some time to review your systems, people and professes.   Astraia Technology and their understanding of  the Sage range of ERP, CRM and Business Management Software have been addressing systems, people and processes for many years and have provided solutions for many customers who have come to rely on the expertise  of the Astraia team.  Astraia understand business solutions and can breathe life into your vision.  Call them on 0861 40 40 56  or email us here