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Making Social Media Work for You

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Social media enables you to engage with,  and build stronger relationships with your customers. This allows you to gain more of an understanding about your customers and their business needs.

Do you:

  • Already have social media activity in place to listen to your customers and promote your business?
  • Would you go as far as calling it a social media strategy?
  • Are you using social media from within Sage CRM – at the heart of your customer interactions?

On a day-to-day basis, using Social CRM can be useful for anyone in your company, not just your Marketing team. Any employee in direct contact with customers, such as a Sales representative or a Customer Service agent, can easily unlock the value in every conversation by finding out more information about their customers, and be better prepared for meetings.

With Sage CRM, you can monitor tweets and Facebook pages to know more about a customer’s past interactions with your company. You can also find out more about a customer’s job and work experience by using the LinkedIn gadget on the Interactive Dashboard. Sage CRM also integrates with Yammer, a powerful social network which allows you to communicate with your colleagues within any area of CRM.

Whatever stage you’re at, why not check out two great videos to help you put “social” to work:


2 minutes – an overview of the “why” 4 minutes – get hands-on in Sage CRM

and find out “how to”


Quick note on availability:

  • LinkedIn – currently available for on-premise customers from 7.1 onward and all Cloud customers.
  • Yammer and Facebook – currently available for On-Premise customers on version 7.2, and coming soon for Cloud customers
  • Twitter – currently being reworked to match Twitter’s latest API and will be available in mid-July.