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It’s here! Sage CRM ‘Business Collaboration powered by Yammer’

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‘Business Collaboration powered by Yammer’ is an internal social networking and collaboration tool that allows employees to discover conversations and collaborate in real time around such things as, opportunities, leads and support cases directly within Sage CRM.

Nowadays, the majority of us are aware of the importance of social collaboration in today’s business world, especially with the emergence of the Gen Y employee to whom social collaboration is the norm. They’ve grown up with social technologies and they know no different! Companies the world over are making major changes that will accommodate the unique work desires of Gen Y with the aim of increasing employee performance, reducing turnover and producing a happier, more productive workforce. In Sage CRM we recognise and embrace this change in today’s working culture with the introduction of Sage CRM ‘Business Collaboration powered by Yammer’.



To use ‘Business Collaboration powered by Yammer’ simply create a yammer account using your business email address. It’s free to join and it only takes a few seconds. Once your Yammer account has been created you’re instantly part of your company’s yammer network and you can start collaborating!

Once installed the component allows you to:


  • View and post to your own yammer news feed from within Sage CRM
  • Aggregate company specific stories and communications within Sage CRM
  • View and post to a company’s own news feed from within Sage CRM
  • Specify a string to search for specific messages and communications from within Sage CRM
  • Post private (inbox) messages to other users within your network
  • View and respond to your own private (inbox) messages
  • View a list or users who you follow, or who are followed by you, within your network
  • Add a Sage CRM note for any message you post against a company within Sage CRM





Within Sage CRM, Yammer can be configured at a user level, where an administrator can decide whether or not a user can have access to the Yammer functionality within Sage CRM.  Yammer can also be configured at a global level where yammer can be made available/unavailable only within specific areas/entities in Sage CRM. Any user who has been allowed access to Yammer will have it within those context areas specified. By default Yammer will be available across all context areas.


Yammer News Feed Slider


A yammer news feed slider is available across all tabs (except for the dashboards and the admin area) within Sage CRM. By default the slider is contracted but can be expanded (using the blue Y icon) and contracted (using the green X icon) to the bottom right of the screen.

The slider allows you to quickly and easily yam updates and messages from anywhere in Sage CRM. While in the context of a company the news feed slider will automatically detect and add the appropriate company as a topic, which will ensure that messages posted while in the company context will be posted against the correct company.  Of course if the yam does not pertain to the current company it is possible to manually deselect the topic. Additionally it is possible to associate a different topic by using the hash tag functionality in the same way that you would use twitter #hash tags.


Yammer Company Wall

A new Yammer tab will be available on your Sage CRM companies where all messages associated with that company will be displayed.

As with the slider news feed functionality, any messages posted when in the context of a company are given a topic of the company name which can be cancelled if the message does not pertain to the current company, in which case the message will be posted as normal but not associated with the company.


As Yammer feeds are viewed in real time and are not saved to Sage CRM, you might want to store a message you are posting to Sage CRM. An option called ‘Save as Note’ can be seen on the message feed whilst in the context of a company. If you want to save your messages as notes against the company in Sage CRM, ensure the ‘Save as Note’ check box is selected before posting the message.



Yammer feed in myCRM work area


A new Yammer tab will also be available from within your myCRM area in Sage CRM, which will contain your own personal Yammer news feed. To the right of your news feed you’ll find 3 sub-tabs which show details of the people you follow, your own private yammer notifications, and your own private (inbox) messages.



In addition to the usual functionality such as liking and replying to messages and creating new messages, you can compose new private messages for people in your network by selecting the ‘compose’ button within your ‘inbox’ sub-tab.