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CRM: One size does not fit all

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Many companies implement CRM systems successfully, but that doesn’t mean those systems are identical.

Just as your business is unique, so should be your CRM solution. Think about what your organization is doing right, where it needs to improve, the degree of growth potential for various departments, and how a CRM strategy can help you accomplish your desired objectives. Assessing your current business practices and projecting what they may be in the future can be tricky.

A checklist that can help you define what CRM features are most essential to your business.

Consider these questions:

• Can a CRM system satisfy your company’s operational requirements?
• Can a CRM system enable a dynamic workforce?
• Can a CRM system keep your company’s data secure?
• Will users adopt the CRM system you choose?
• Does the CRM system offer the flexibility you need?

In answering these questions, you’ll gain valuable insight into these concepts and others, such as understanding the value of CRM as both an on-demand and an on-premise solution, evaluating deployment options, and leveraging vendor experience.

27 Jun 2013 12:54 PM