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Sage X3 People

HR and talent management at your fingertips with complete integration into your business management solution, Sage X3! Get a complete view on your bus...

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How Much Does It Cost Not To Upgrade Your ERP System?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is proven as a game changer for many enterprises. However, a myth was prevalent some years back that only large ent...

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Emerging Verticals

Why use Sage 300 ERP in Mining?

Why should you consider Sage 300 ERP for the Mining Industry?   The Mining industry is a huge industry and despite recent events and the current ...

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Seven ways cloud will help African manufacturers enhance their competitiveness

Touching Cloud Computing – Stock Image A good cloud-based business management platform will allow a manufacturer to automate and accelerate proc...

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What smart technology will really mean for business

Smart technology (IoT), is simply about connecting devices, but while the focus has been on technology that facilitates the creation of smart househol...

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