Greater control 
and compliance

It is the processes developed over time that make your business the success it is.

The uniqueness of these processes drives your continued success. Business Process Management allows your business to manage, refine and report on the processes in your business giving you greater control and better compliance.


Is the ideal starting point providing powerful, flexible workflow for your ERP.

Adding a workflow layer over your ERP System provides you with a powerful tool that brings control to many areas of your business. FloPac from FlowCentric Technologies simplifies process management with a unique process management perspective which focuses on the business rules that govern a process rather than on a graphical flow based view of a process. This approach allows FloPac to reduce complex composite process applications to rules at Process, Activity and Form Field level in order to determine routing, integration and visual/display attributes.


Web-based business process management and workflow solutions for ERP integration.

With FlowCentric businesses can implement critical processes in record time. The Flowcentric process solutions are agile enough to accommodate changes at the drop of a hat; the process solutions connect disparate systems with one interface. Business is better managed and governed through our tools. FlowCentric Processware gives management more control, reduces lag time, minimises expenditure and increases the ROI for many existing IT products.


Is a web based procurement workflow system using FlowCentric Processware.

A full feature application designed specifically for South African Government institutions to assist in the Supply Chain Management and Procurement functions. Pro-G consists of four integrated modules which together form a single system which will not only ensure compliance to the legislative requirements, but greatly improve efficiency and accountability within the Supply Chain Management function, and at the same time improve visibility by incorporating a complete audit trail.

Want to manage, refine and report on your processes?

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