Why growing businesses need ERP

why growing businesses need ERP software

ERP platforms represent the next step for growing organisations. It connects critical functions across the business to streamline processes while promoting data transparency.

Driving business growth

Success hinges on more than great products and services. Unfortunately, many companies bootstrap progress by relying on entry-level business software that is ill-equipped for evolving businesses. Standalone accounting systems lack the scalability to support new markets and the sophistication to handle unique business and industry needs.

Organisations must continually improve all aspects of their operations to succeed in today’s intensely competitive arena. They need fresh insights into customer behavior and market trends to outmaneuver competitors. Their systems must support omnichannel go-to-market strategies with native marketing and sales management applications.

Standalone applications only address one piece of the puzzle

Technology must streamline operations, connect disparate workflows, and give users ongoing access to updated information. For example, construction crews need mobile applications to view and edit blueprints, lists of materials, and project plans remotely from the job site. Manufacturers must integrate workflows to streamline design and production processes, while distributors need to tailor solutions to automate order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship processes.

Disconnected applications create data siloes with inaccurate data and process bottlenecks. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions break down barriers by connecting information and processes in real-time on a holistic, centralised platform. Modern ERP solutions provide a scalable, cloud-based solution and mobile framework that delivers robust financials and integrates industry-specific workflows. In addition, those with role-based dashboards, automatic alerts, and collaboration tools help optimise service levels.

However, not all ERP systems are equal.

Acumatica ERP delivers a future-proof platform built for growing businesses globally. The award-winning solution features an open architecture that can flex to support emerging business needs with minimal programming and proves easy to use, easy to learn, and adaptable to organisational roles.

No need for on-premise technology platforms

Modern cloud-based ERP solutions deliver additional benefits by optimising operations without the burden of an on-premises technology platform.

Cloud ERP Solutions is Software as a Service (SaaS) empowering users to access ERP applications over the Internet while removing the burden of installing, maintaining, and upgrading complex hardware and software systems.

Consequently it provides you with much lower upfront costs and virtually no maintenance or IT administration needed.

How do you know you need ERP software?

Every day inefficiencies stop growth in its tracks. Technology must enable success not inhibit it. Consider an ERP system when technology fails to enable growth but instead impedes it. For example:

  • When employees struggle to find information

  • When leaders identify new markets but question if their technology can support their vision

  • When simple, everyday tasks, like fulfilling orders, take hours or days instead of minutes

Eventually, most companies face mounting setbacks due to growing pains and fluctuating market dynamics. Point solutions automate some functions but also introduce complexity and risk. As a result, inefficiency festers. Businesses must act when they notice the following warning signs.

  • Waning Competitive Edge

  • Ever-changing Demands

  • Declining Customer Service

  • Rising Operating Costs

  • Expanding IT stack

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