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Astraia the Goddess of Justice – the beginnings of an ERP Legacy

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Astraia Technology is 5 years old this year, 2015. In half a decade much has changed and some things have stayed the same, and surviving 5 years is proof that doing what you enjoy and doing it well is the key to success for any business. Over the course of the next few weeks this Blog will tell some of the tales of Astraia that have made the company what it is today. And we begin with the name Astraia.

The first Astraia Technology Logo
The first Astraia Technology Logo

In 2010, the year the FIFA Soccer World Cup came to South Africa Astraia Technology found its beginning. David Bryant and a small team of dedicated and passionate ACCPACers began a path that would lead them to where they are today, from small beginnings to a shining star in the Sage ERP, Sage CRM and Business Process Management industry in South Africa.

Forging the new path with a handful of ACCPAC customers, many of which still remain customers today was an opportunity that David and his seasoned team welcomed and a challenge that the team took on with no objective other than success in their sights.

David recalls the story of how the name “Astraia” was found. When founding a company a number of company names are selected and provided as part of the formal application and when applying for the founding CC some 8 or 9 names were provided. Time passed on and other business operations began, and of course ACCPAC consulting got under way. After a short wait David was delightfully informed that he has the name he had wanted and there was great excitement but then was told the name he received was “Astraia Technology” number 7 on his list. As can be imagined there was a little unhappiness as this name was not the name he really wanted. In hindsight though the selection of Astraia could not have been better.

The company name was perhaps well suited for a business systems provider; the Latinised form of the Greek Αστραια (Astraia), derived from Greek αστηρ (aster) meaning “star. Hesiod referred to Astraia as the daughter of Zeus and Themis but Aratus says she thought to be daughter of Astraeus and Aurora [Eos], who lived at the time of the Golden Age of men and was their leader. Because of her kindness, gentleness and calm nature she was called Justice. This for Astraia Technology is very apt with the level-headed approach and work ethics that have been the trademarks of the company, always calm, always fair and always open have defined the way in which Astraia is run and how it works and how it delivers exceptional business solutions.

Yes the name over the years has been a little misconstrued and of course the company has taken full advantage of this. Often on phone calls the name Astraia is miss-heard as Australia and this seems to give a sense of importance any call, opening up phone lines to CEOs and other senior personnel with relative ease. Some people no matter how hard they try will never pronounce the name “Astraia” and this fact has become accepted by the unphased Astraia team who have earned themselves the endearing title of being an “Astraian”.

The name Astraia has a history to it; ancient in some ways but the last 5 years has seen Astraia find its place in the busy and sometimes even crazy world of ERP and made it the success it is today. 5 years may not seem long but in the terms of ERP, CRM and BPM it is very much a lifetime and over the forthcoming weeks some of the life around the products, the thinking and methodologies, the industry norms and standards that have started, been, gone and even stayed during the last half a decade will be discussed, tapping into the vast knowledge base that is found in Astraia that makes them the business partner of choice for ERP, CRM and BPM.

Astraia looks forward to the next 5 years, has learnt a lot from the last 5 years and will continue to grow, succeed and breathe life into your vision.