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Business Solution

Successfully implemented business solutions require the design and implementation of electronic processes between customers, business, employees and suppliers. Astraia together with the Acumatica, Epicor, FBA Software, FlowCentric and Sage, provide the components of these processes, and integrate them and other client applications to deliver reliable, seamless, world-class business processing and information systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning

To ensure a successful ERP deployment a team of experienced, cross-skilled experts analyse, plan and implement a solution using world class software. We cater for small to large enterprises providing comprehensive ERP incorporating manufacturing, distribution, finance, and warehousing.

Business Process Management

Business Processes are the fibre that holds a business together. The FlowCentric BPM suite enables and organisation to apply defined processes and controls ensuring the consistent treatment of every event that occurs within a pre-defined framework. BPM can be applied to virtually every process within the organisation, and is both a compliance and efficiency driver.

Information & Integration Services

Provision of and access to information are essential for every business, as ultimately you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Technologies such as the Cloud, Data Warehousing, Dashboards and a variety of information gathering tools have advanced and improved the techniques for compiling, sorting, reading and reporting of information. Astraia will embrace the technology and harness the information gathered to provide client management with unsurpassed information to assist in the predictive management of the organisation.