Business systems need support. Downtime is costly and uptime must be maximised. To ensure business continuity and peace of mind Astraia offers formal and informal support.

Informal or Ad-Hoc Support

This support is available to anyone using:

  • Sage 300 ERP*
  • Sage ERP X3*
  • Sage CRM*
  • FBA Software
  • Bespoke Astraia Software
  • Sage ERP Third Party Software*

* A change of business partner form is required for Astraia to provide support – click here for forms (Peresoft Change of BP and Change of BP Form).

Formalised support from Astraia is delivered through:

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Proactive support and maintenance at preferential rates with guaranteed response times to clients who enter into a Service Level Agreement. For further details on a Service Level Agreement please contact Astraia.

Software Assurance Renewal

Sage ClientCare Software Assurance Plan is for businesses who want to keep their system running on the latest and most up-to-date Sage software. It provides Sage clients with the long-term security of a comprehensive product upgrade plan for a 12-month or extended period with discounts available.

The ClientCare Software Assurance Plan is managed co-operatively between Sage and Astraia to ensure the automatic supply of upgrade software.


The ClientCare Software Assurance Plan fee is calculated at 18% of the current full product Suggested Retail Price (SRP).


  • ClientCare Software Assurance Plan ensures that clients are always up-to-date with the latest in accounting features and technology thus protecting the client’s investment and accommodating the changing future business needs.
  • Over 200 companion Sage products are available to enhance your processing capabilities.
  • On-going compatibility with operating systems software, printers and other user devices
  • Sage spends $10m each year on research and developing the Sage range of products.
  • All upgrades during the year of contract are supplied at no charge.
  • Ease of support. Product enhancements and Service Packs keep you current.

Supply of upgrades

ClientCare Software Assurance Plan upgrades are installed by Astraia via Master CD. Sage provides each registered Solution Provider with a set of Master CDs, which they are entitled to install at each and every client’s site. Astraia may provide the client with duplicates of their Master CDs but each client will receive a unique activation code.

Please note that these ClientCare Software Assurance Plan fees do not include technical support or training requested of Astraia by the client.