Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 is our solution designed specifically for businesses operating in the mid-market and enterprise space. Sage ERP X3 is a fully web based, all in one ERP solution offering new levels of power and flexibility that is functionally advanced, simple to use and cost effective.

Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition is the ideal ERP for an organisation with less than 50 users

Sage ERP X3 Standard Editon has a preconfigured solution and implementation framework that maximizes efficiency in your organisation through the use of a large number of predefined business processes.

Benefiting from preset parameters, as well as predefined user roles and process flows deployment is accelerated using standard distribution and/or manufacturing processes, and domestic operations.

Most effective in single server environments Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition is available on the Windows operating system and supports multi-database environments (MS SQL Server and Oracle 11g).

Sage ERP X3 Premium Edition is fully customisable and is recommended for more then 50 users or large volumes of transactions

Offering an extensive choice of components for advanced business processes, extended connectivity and volume processing. Sage ERP X3 Premium Edition benefits from extensive parametrisation capabilities and an extended choice of options designed to tailor the solution for advanced, customer specific environments.

It also enables the management of operations across multiple countries within one single instance of Sage ERP X3. The marketing target is companies with more than 500 employees with an operational target of companies with 200 to 1,000 employees in the manufacturing, distribution and services sectors.


Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable cloud solution that helps companies reduce stock outs, excess inventory and working capital

Sage Inventory Advisor connects to Sage ERP data to deliver inventory health check, produce quality forecasts, reduce the time spent on manual tasks, and solve for the optimal investment required to achieve target fill rates. A web based mobile solution, Sage Inventory Advisor is easy to use and slashes time spent on forecasts and ordering. It can be implemented cost effectively and used in just hours

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