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FBA Software provide FBA Budgeting and Reporting for Sage 300 ERP and Sage ERP X3 as well a the Loan Information Management System (LIMS).

Enhanced Budgeting and Reporting for Sage 300 ERP and Sage ERP X3 facilitates fast, effective and accurate budgeting with powerful reporting

FBA Budgeting and Reporting is a web application to enhance the budgeting and reporting features of Sage ERP. Users of the FBA Budgeting and Reporting application may be assigned appropriate access rights to the application options and Sage ERP GL accounts per company.

LIMS is a comprehensive consumer retail loan management and collections system

LIMS is intended to interface with a loan pre-approvals system such as Sage SalesLogix or Sage CRM and with Sage ERP X3 or Sage ERP accounting systems. LIMS is a scalable and cost effective web application capable of operating in conditions of low bandwidth connectivity. A feature rich solution catering for Single Client or Multiple Accounts with multiple bank accounts per client, Account Settlement and Restructure, Powerful Interest Calculation controls, Payment and Collection Management, Pre-Authorisation (via CRM) and powerful reporting.

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