Business Values


To dedicate the sum total of our experience and knowledge in technology enablement to provide relevant, value-adding support, best practice services and world-class products, to unlock the business intelligence potential which is key to breathing life into our customers’ vision.


Astraia’s Commitment:

  • To become the business partner of choice by partnering with our clients to build long term relationships by providing business solutions, and advice which enables them to create and sustain successful businesses and wealth;
  • Empowering its members, in particular those that were previously disadvantaged;
  • Providing Quality information technology products, support and services

Business Ethos

Astraia aims to do it right the first time by:

  • Astraia will design the best solution within the cost and business constraints
  • Astraia will provide the correct business and technical skills
  • Astraia will employ and empower responsible staff members
  • Astraia will remain flexible and aspire to greater flexibility
  • Astraia will ensure its ease of doing business with
  • Astraia will build lasting relationships with all stakeholders

Care and Competence are essential constituents of a successful business relationship. Astraia will endeavour to embody both in all aspects of work.